The concept of Best Days Only has evolved from how we live our lives and pursue our many passions: skiing, fly fishing, kiting and learning. It is not only about finding the best places at their best times and optimal conditions, but also about bringing into all the experiences there the attitude of making the best of what there is, of having the best days every day.

The best experiences in our lives – those which give us goosebumps every time we recall them – have to be earned or shared, ideally both. They involve challenging ourselves, learning new things, getting out of our comfort zone. I work and play hard – as an adventure writer, fly fishing guide and ski professional – to make every day the best it can be and within these pages I invite you to join me.

This website is your global portal to all the fun and adventures I pursue and an invitation to how you can participate in them. Here you can:

  • Learn to ski and snowboard with me
  • Join me on guided ski trips on Aspen Snowmass four mountains
  • Learn how to fly fish and improve what you already know
  • Learn to and improve your fly casting
  • Wade and float fish with me through the Roaring Fork Club
  • Get a safe introduction into kite skiing
  • Come tarpon fishing in Mexico and powder skiing in Japan
  • Join me on a kite surfing trip in the Yucatan, Mexico